Digital Marketing for Franchises

Whether you are a franchise owner or a member of a corporate marketing team, Vectra Digital will work to facilitate the goals of both parties involved.

Our franchise digital marketing solutions, data insights and years of experience working with a variety of industries can help grow your business and online presence.

Consistency Meets Customization

  • Our team will provide a consistent marketing message for your brand while providing the unique customization that individual franchise owners seek.
  • The success of the franchise contributes to the success of corporate so we can ensure that any digital marketing plan keeps both parties in mind.

Dedicated Teams

We have dedicated teams for our franchises so that they understand each individual franchisee’s unique goals and business models. This is to ensure that both the corporate and franchise growth plans are met.

Multi-Location Services

  • Vectra Digital can develop personalized processes and strategies that scale across multi-location franchises. So no matter how many locations you own, we’ve got you covered!
  • Our experience working with multiple franchise and corporate business models allows us to work effectively and seamlessly with both to create unique marketing strategies. 

The Vectra Digital Partner Program

Competitive Revenue Share

Increase your monthly cash flow by taking advantage of our industry-leading revenue sharing program. Depending on your partner level and sales volume, you have the potential to make up to 45% revenue share on an ongoing basis.

Comprehensive Training

Get to know Vectra Digital products inside and out with our partner trainings. From product and sales trainings to webinars with industry experts, we ensure you become an online marketing expert.

Complementary Products

We create customized products to complement and work together with your current product offering. You can pick and choose features that will enhance your products and services and we’ll build a package that fits seamlessly into your business.